Accreditation Service for School, College and Universities

ASSCU is an independent and professional Accrediting Agency of Higher Education registered under France law and recognized by relevant international networks / associations.

A global acceptance of the services provided with an accreditation is also subject to some questions, as to establish a confidence for the quality of the accreditation service itself.

ASSCU as an institution takes an integral part in the further development of the European Higher Education Area. ASSCU is committed to act according the „European Standards and Guidelines “, developed by ENQA and further stakeholders in higher education and approved by the ministers in charge of higher education in the EHEA first in 2005 and further (revised) in 2015.


Our Mission

To encourage higher education institutions in assuring and enhancing the quality of education


Our Goals

The following strategic goals have been adopted by ASSCU as it carries out its mission: Provide policy leadership


Our Values

Transparency, Quality, Independence, Collaboration, Social Responsibility


Our Structure

In order to guarantee independence, professionalism and a high level of quality of the internal procedures, ASSCU operates through various commissions and internal units with different tasks. This way, a clear division of tasks and power is guaranteed for all accreditation and review procedures.

  • Formally decides on the opening of a procedure and, if necessary, gives feedback to your self-evaluation report on completeness and comprehensibility,
  • Nominates the expert group that fits your procedure,
  • Takes a decision on the basis of the experts ‘report and your statement to the report on the accreditation.

Institutional Accreditation

The core idea of an institutional accreditation by ASSCU is to assess if the quality assurance system of a university/faculty/college is in line with the ESG. ASSCU follows the main idea that an external assessment should focus on the sufficiency of mechanisms that an institution has chosen to ensure the quality of its program.


International Accreditation

How does your institution demonstrate commitment to high quality international education to parents, students and staff members? How do you ensure your institution is continually improving and keeping up with leading international education standards?


Program Accreditation

Achieving an international accreditation certifies that the individual program complies with the quality standards of the Accreditation Service for School, College and Universities (ASSCU). Upon successful completion of the procedure, universities will receive a certificate as well as report on the quality of the program


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