The ASSCU maintains an established fee schedule to support the operations of the accreditation program for institutions and accredited graduate education programs. Application fees must be submitted at the time of application. Invoices for institutions and initial accreditation site visits are sent at the time the site visit has been confirmed and are payable upon receipt. Annual fees are set on a calendar fiscal year and ASSCU -accredited and institutions programs are invoiced accordingly.

Renewal of accreditation status is dependent upon timely payment of annual accreditation fees by programs.

Review of Accreditation Fees

The ASSCU conducts a comprehensive review of its accreditation fee structure and budget planning as required by its policies.

ASSCU Accreditation Fee Schedule

Application Fee:
Initial AccreditationEuro 1,500
Site Visit Fee:1
Site Visit

Euro 2,500
Annual Fee:2
Renewal Per YearEuro 1,000
Program with Approved Satellite/Branch
Campus Distance Education Component
or Contractual Arrangement
Residential fee above + Euro 300 for each additional modality/component for each professional area

1 Current fee based on Euro 2,500 per person per visit beginning in 2020. If additional days or members are required, site visit fee will be adjusted accordingly. If additional site visits are required outside the routine accreditation, reaccreditation, or candidacy reviews, programs will be assessed an additional site visit fee.
2 Includes reaccreditation site visit fee.